StoryNet and the Research Priority Area Communication of the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) are pleased to announce the workshop:

Narratives and entertainment: The use of stories to make communication more entertaining and effective

June 21-22, 2012, University of Amsterdam

Narratives have the capacity to evoke strong emotions in viewers and readers. A dramatic story can make people fill up with tears, a thriller can keep viewers in suspense until the final moment of relief, and a comedy can make people laugh out loud. These emotions likely contribute to the effects of narratives. Narratives are interesting for recipients, catch their attention easily and weaken their resistance to messages in the narrative. That is why stories are increasingly used across a variety of communication types, such as news and education, making the information more entertaining and at the same time more effective. This process is called entertainization, or the inclusion of entertainment elements in information, education and advertising.

A keynote speaker at the workshop is Melanie C. Green (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), who is an expert and pioneer in research on the effective use of narratives in persuasion and health communication.

We invite abstracts for presentations addressing the topic of narratives and entertainment in a wide variety of contexts, such as (but not limited to) political communication, health communication and marketing. Questions that may be addressed are for instance: How do stories in news coverage contribute to its entertainment value? Which elements make a narrative with a health message effective? Which processes underlie the persuasiveness of narratives in advertising?

We invite abstracts with a maximum of 200 words for presentations at the workshop. Abstracts can be submitted via email to Anneke de Graaf (
Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2012.


Dr. Anneke de Graaf

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